FACTS & FIGURES: Attacks on birth control are affecting WOC

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) recently ruled that employers can opt-out of contraception coverage, for moral or religious reasons, upholding a Trump Administration regulation.

In her dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg noted that the ruling meant “between 70,500 and 126,400 women would immediately lose access to no-cost contraceptive services.”

Without insurance coverage, the annual cost of birth control can range from $240 to $1,800 dollars depending on the type of contraception, according to the National Women’s Health Network.

This cost breakdown with insurance:

  • The Pill: $20-$50 per pack; $240-$600 per year
  • IUD: $500-$1,300
  • The Patch: up to $150 per pack; $1,800 per year

None of these annual costs account for potential doctor’s visits to renew a prescription.

While for some, the cost is feasible, for many it is a burden they can not bare.

One in three Latina women, and one in four Black women say they can’t afford $10 for contraception, according to studies done by Perry Undem (one and two).

Previously, the Affordable Care Act offered a birth control mandate, providing safe and affordable contraception.

Birth control is no longer only used to prevent pregnancy, it is also used as a treatment for Endometriosis and uterine fibroids. Pop singer Halsey, has spoken out about the way birth control stops to “excruciating” pain she experiences due to her Endometriosis.

Black women are three times as likely to have uterine fibroids treated with hormonal birth control.

Women should be able to decide in partnership with a provider which form of birth control is best for them and their health, rather than which form of contraception they can afford.


Everyone deserves access to affordable and safe reproductive health care.


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